Jeff Masters provides us an update on the upcoming Sponsorship Drive 2023 Kickoff and how you can make this year's Sponsorship Drive successful. This is our big push to get new sponsors and help support the club. Don't forget to do your part!
2023 Sponsorship Drive Kick Off
Last year was a very successful sponsorship drive and with your help we can achieve even
greater results this year! Our final tally was $12,665 which consisted of twenty-seven Annual
Sponsors who donated $250 or more and thirty-six $50 Sponsors. In the very near future, I will
be sending out an email with all the materials needed to contact the businesses and individuals
you solicited last year with the goal of getting them all to sponsor again this year and hopefully
adding one or two new sponsors!

We will be using the Google Spreadsheet again this year to track our progress. I will send you a
link and hopefully Cathy Frank will be able to add a link to access the spreadsheet on our club
runner website. Please be sure to update it as you go to track first contacts, follow-ups,
payments received, etc.. A special thanks to Cathy for all her efforts maintaining our website
and making it a useful tool for our rotary club. Also a big thank you to Pam Saxon for all her
hard work as Club Treasurer receiving and recording checks and deposits.

Please try to make your first contacts with potential sponsors during the month of February and
be sure to follow up with all of them by mid-March. I will periodically provide updates on
progress and our goal is to have all monies received from the drive deposited into our checking
account by the end of the June for the 2022-2023 budget year. Also, please be sure to request
donations which can be used as future auction items to benefit the club.
Happy soliciting, now get your “ask” in gear!